VIP Resource Library (FREE)

VIP Resource Library (FREE)

Inside right now are 4 gems:

Hot Traffic Facebook Ads Swipe File: Helping you write copy that will keep 'em reading, clicking and buying.

Guided Testimonial Form: Forget asking for a testimonial, guide your clients through the process.

The Digital Marketing Transformation Method©: A snapshot of the methodology I developed for my business—and you can for yours.

10 Secret Tools To Spy On Your Competitors: Don't worry, they're legal!

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5 Modules

Digital Marketing Quiz

This fun interactive quiz will either challenge you or encourage you in your digital marketing efforts. After each answer submitted, you'll see a full explanation. At the end of the quiz, you'll find out your 'level'. Good luck! 

Facebook Ads Swipe File

Copywriters will hate me for sharing this, but you can 'cheat' at copywriting using the Hot Traffic Facebook Ads Swipe File.

You have over 20 pages at your disposal! And you'll find it super easy to use with the "fill in the blank" style. Get ready to swipe away! 

Guided Testimonial Form

Asking a client for a testimonial without guiding them through the process will result in one of these two things:

  • A paragraph full of compliments with no context
  • The client keeps 'forgetting' to write it

By using strategic questions you'll receive answers that will provide you with powerful testimonials.

These questions are perfect for you even if you're just starting out. You'll find two lots of questions, one for those you work with and another version for those you simply provide free advice too!


The Digital Marketing Transformation Method™

What do chefs, dancers, and painters have in common? They all have a signature!

  • A signature dish
  • A signature move
  • A signature style

As a small business owner standing out from your competitors is crucial for your success. Developing a signature solution will help you do that. Come and take a look at mine.

10 Secret Tools To Spy On Your Competitors

Find out what your competitors are doing with these 10 Secret Tools To Spy On Your Competitors

Knowing your competitors’ weaknesses will help you leverage the strengths your business has.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • 4 Chrome extensions to give you sleuth capabilities
  • 3 iPhone apps that will rock your Twitter spying efforts (sorry Androiders!)
  • 3 Websites for your next competitor covert operation
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